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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Megurine Luka - AkaHitoha (One Red Leaf)

This song is about Luka's undying love for her lover, as she described it in her memory under the flurries of red maple tree leaves, and recalls every moment how happy she has been with her lover, until she bids him farewell so sadly and painfully, as he heads to war. The setting of the song is put in the early Shōwa Period, possibly during the Second World War period (1939-1945); it also has a beautiful Neoclassical Japanese mood within the song, with great melody and waltz music as well. This song has various cover versions sung by Miku Hatsune (which include her standalone version, and the duet version by Miku and Luka), Nico Nico Chorus, YouTube Chorus, and other countless amateur singers as well.

Link To Nico Nico Video
NicoNico Video

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