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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another New Vocaloid! Sukone Tei

Guys Let us Greet the New Member to the Vocaloid 2 Family, Sukone Tei. A cute yet frightening Q virtual "idol".

Who is Sukone Tei? what is her number?
For Starters, Sukone Tei is Letter Q and Yes, she is not a number but a letter. Sukone Tei offers "clear and sweet" vocals which are "lightly eccentric".

If you guys notice soon on her picture's you will see her True Nature which is, Sukone Tei - a "mysterious Vocaloid" who, according to her profile, has the intent of killing Hatsune Miku. She also happens to really, really, REALLY love Len.

You can check her video at NicoNico Douga and her Twitter

NicoNicoDouga =
Twitter =

NOTE: This isn't a Official Crypton Vocaloid, since their isn't any proof yet about this Character being mention by Crypton Media. But I think this is a Fanmade Vocaloid but her voice sound's Official.. So I have no Clue yet.. But My Source Tell's me that this character is from the 2ch's VIP boards.

Source: crvipton

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Utauloids Voice Bank

here we share utauloids and its voice bank, to install utauloids voica bank you must first have "UTAU"

Friday, June 25, 2010

About Utauloids

Utauloids are characters made by fans of Vocaloid

Characters to be added must be established, meaning it is not just a mere idea, and is OFFICIALLY RELEASED, no longer in alpha/beta phase. An established character has at least one of the following; a concept art, a website and sample work. It MUST also have a downloadable voice bank.
Sources must be provided to further prove the existence of the UTAUloid, like links to homepages, features, and such.
Do not add plagiarized characters, voice banks sourced from commercial artists and voice banks sourced without permission of the voice donor/source. UTAU usage policy also forbids voice banks taken from another brand of voice synthesis software without permission. (The only exceptions to this rule are Macne Families, FL-chan and Iku Acme; Voice sources/software/plugins deemed royalty-free are allowed.)
Do not recycle names (especially unique family names) which are not created by you. Conflicting names lead to misunderstandings. If you are eager to do, get the approval of the creator who came first beforehand. This rule will be relaxed when it comes to generic or common family names.
All entry removals must be explained, or they will be treated as vandalism.
For those who cannot edit wiki pages, but want to add their UTAUloids, please make a request in the discussion page.
All profile links found not to contain working methods to download the voicebanks will be moved to Delinquent UTAUloids until downloads are available again. Profiles whose voicebank links die will be moved as well

For More Information, please open


How To Take Care of Your Camera

Lens Care

The lens of your digital camera is its eye or window to the outside world. It is easily the most important component in any camera. To take care of the lens, make sure that you never, ever touch directly with your fingers. Also make sure that you put on the lens cap when not shooting pictures.

If you really need to clean the lens, use good lens cleaning equipment. Investing in such equipment is really important. Always use a good lens brush, lens blower and lens cloth to do the job.


The other thing to look out for is the temperature under which the camera is stored. You should always keep the camera out of sun. One mistake that newbies always make is to store the digital camera in the extremely hot temperatures (e.g. the car boot). Don’t ever do that. It’s also important not to store the camera in extremely cold temperatures either.


When storing your digital camera, you need to keep it away from magnets of any form. Magnets will affect the circuitry of your digital camera and should not be placed near it.

Another point to note is to use silica gel to combat condensation. Many electronic products come with silica gel capsules. Keep these and put them in your digital camera storage box. It will prevent condensation.

The batteries of the camera should also be removed if you intend to store the camera away for a long time. The reason is that batteries can have corrosive leaks over time.

Protect Delicate Components

You also need to protect those delicate components. In particular, watch out for the memory card (whether it is a CompactFlash, SD or MMC card). Handle them with care because they are small and delicate.

Camera panels are also very delicate. In my Canon PowerShot S500, the panel for the USB connect and the battery is a tad flimsy. I make sure I handle it with care whenever I open it.


You digital camera costs a lot of money and it pays to take care of it. Remember to apply the above tips to preserve your camera and it’ll last you a long, long time. Good luck!


I will change this websites name.. from '' to '' [P.S please do not copy this name, i hate those who likes to copy other people art T__T]

Much Love
Rin & Len Kagamine

111 Useful tips about Laptop

In Internet, you cannot find too many websites and blogs about laptop. However, the number of laptop users is increasing rapidly. After doing some search in Internet, I have compiled here a list 111 tips from different websites and blogs on laptop. I have just stated the title of a tip or have given first few words (in the absence of a title) of the tips from the articles used here. So, if you want to know about the tips in details, you should follow the links and visit the websites and blogs.
These tips are really useful and they have come often from the experts. So, if you are a laptop user or if you are thinking of buying a laptop then I would recommend you to spend some hours of your life and read all the tips in detail.

1- 8 tips from Lifehacker :
1. Extend your battery life
2. Save your keyboard and screen
3. Keep it cool
4. Work offline
5. Secure your data
6. Carry it well
7. Back up when you get home
8. Pack some helpful extras

2- Top 10 Cold Weather Tips for Laptops from Mobile Office Tech of :
9. Ruggedized Laptops
10. Careful Storage
11. Let It Warm Up
12. Incorrect Warming Methods
13. Laptop Warmers
14. Excessive Heat Build-Up
15. Protecting Your Display
16. Stay Out of the Cold
17. Change Power Settings
18. Don't Get Creative

3- Top 8 Airline Travel Tips When Traveling with Your Laptop from Mobile Office Tech of :
19. Carry your Laptop or Pack It Away?
20. Visual Inspection (Hand checking)
21. Should You X-Ray Your Laptop?
22. Carry Proper Documents
23. Keep a Low Profile
24. Don't Let Your Laptop Out of Sight
25. Fact or Fiction - The Airport Laptop Scam
26. Keep Your Laptop Case Locked

4- 3 Laptop Tips from overclockers
27. Always try to fork out the extra dough for an extended warrantee
28. Buy a laptop cooler (This is especially true for those with the desktop replacement types.)
29. Get some sort of padded carrying pack for the laptop.

5- 19 Laptop Tips from 5starsupport :
30. Make sure that you always use a surge protector
31. Don't get into a habit of leaving your laptop on the floor
32. Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
33. Never keep your paperwork between the screen and keypad
34. Avoid placing your laptop on soft surfaces
35. be sure to purchase a good quality carrying case for your laptop's protection
36. Never drink liquids when working with your laptop
37. Never work on your own laptop unless you are a qualified professional

Laptop travel tips:
38. Make sure that you are familiar with your laptop before you depart on a trip
39. Carry your laptop in a bag designed for laptop computers
40. In hotel rooms, many of the devices (alarm clock, hair drier, television etc.) contain magnets that can damage your data
41. Use extra caution when drinking anything near your laptop computer
42. Never check your laptop computer as luggage on an airline, bus, etc
43. The x-ray machines at the airports will not damage your computer or your media
44. On long trans-Pacific flights, ask to be seated at an emergency exit because there is a 110 Volt/AC outlet right in front of each exit door in the outside wall of Boeing 747s where you can plug in
45. If you use a PC card modem, (1) always carry one as a spare even if your laptop has an internal modem, and (2) either use one with an X-jack connector or bring an extra dongle
46. Take your purchase receipt along if you're traveling to a foreign country
47. Make sure you know the power type and the plug type requirements for the country you are traveling to
48. Charge all your batteries before you leave on a trip

6- 9 Laptop battery tips for power users from HowToBuyALaptop :

49. Save battery power by minimizing use of the CD drive, and particularly the DVD drive
50. Turn the monitor down to lowest brightness level, and turn off screensavers
51. Turn off the Wireless port when you're not using wireless connectivity
52. Remove all PC cards from their slots when not in use
53. Use your laptop's built-in power management system and select low-power mode
54. Carry a spare battery and keep it charged overnight
55. Preserve battery life by allowing your battery to fully drain before you recharge it
56. Suspend' rather than reboot if you're only taking a short break
57. Take advantage of drive time by recharging your laptop battery in your car

7- 15 Laptop computer security advice from HowToBuyALaptop :
58. Make a note of your laptop's serial number and store it in a safe place.
59. Use Robo Form to store your passwords securely.
60. Keep your laptop well away from magnetic sources like television sets.
61. Backup your work every day when you're on the road.
62. Backup to floppy disk or CD and keep separate from laptop equipment.
63. Consider buying (or upgrading to) Windows XP Professional, which has built-in data encryption.
64. Use a security cable lock (fits into the laptop's keyhole) and fix it to something sturdy and immovable anytime you're not with your laptop.
65. If you have to sleep somewhere public like an airport lounge then secure your laptop to your seat via your security cable before you nod off.
66. Use the secure cable lock around your home and office too.
67. Pack your laptop into a sports bag or ordinary briefcase, instead of the standard laptop case.
68. Exercise extreme caution in the security section at airports, where many laptops get stolen.
69. Don't carry your laptop through the "human" metal detector as these can damage computer data.
70. Stay in physical contact with your laptop at all times, particularly in crowded places.
71. When you're not in your hotel room, ask to have your laptop locked in the hotel's safe.
72. Never leave a laptop / case on view in a locked car.

8- 9 Laptop Tips from 714 Laptop :
73. Thermal dissipation - Laptop cooling
74. Battery charge - Laptop autonomy
75. Security - Laptop tracking
76. Viruses
77. Windows Updates
78. Carrying
79. Shocks
80. Humidity
81. Dust

9- 9 Laptop Repair Tips from laptopmedic :
82. Do Not Download FREE Software / Music.
83. Always keep Laptops off floor.
84. Always use a surge protector.
85. Don't keep paper work in between screen and keypad.
86. Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
87. Don't place your laptop on soft surfaces.
88. Don't drop it while your carrying it.
89. Never drink coffee or any liquid around your laptop.
90. Lastly never try to fix your laptop yourself.

10- 5 Tips to buy laptop from Tips To Buy Laptop/ Tips Membeli Laptop :

91. Portability
92. Expense
93. Speed
94. Upgradeability
95. Serious Gaming

11- 16 laptop Tips to protect your health from working-well :
96. Attach an external mouse and keyboard whenever possible.
97. Keep the keyboard and mouse at the edge of the worksurface that is set 1" below or equal to your sitting elbow height.
98. Move the laptop close enough so you do not hold your head forward to see what is on the screen.
99. Raise the laptop so the top of the screen is at your straight-ahead vision.
100. Sit back in the chair and keep your head directly over your shoulders.
101. Do not lean on the worksurface while typing; keep your elbows in line with your shoulders, hanging loosely at your sides.
102. Never drop your wrists on the "wristrest" of the laptop.
103. Use keyboard commands whenever possible.
104. Avoid reflective lighting.
105. Keep screen clean at all times.

When traveling (with a laptop):

106. Refrain from packing non-essential items or extra gadgets.
107. Avoid working on the hotel bed or at a high table.
108. Use a small pillow to support your lower back in the car/on the plane.
109. Carry the laptop in a backpack instead of a shoulder or handbag.
110. If you must use the laptop without external devices and monitor stand, it is best used in your lap (as it was designed!) or on a worksurface no higher than 27".
111. Support your feet with a portable footrest.

If you feel that I have mistakenly used your material without giving proper links, please let me know in the comment section and I will acknowledge it right away.

9 Easy Way [Taking Care of Your Laptop]

Taking care of yourlaptop is one of the most important things you should know. You
would want to take advantage of its full life, don’t you? It might have cost you quite a bit
out of your pocket so it is just proper that you’d do everything to take care of it and
maintain its good health. Here’s what every laptop owners should do to protect and
extend its life.
1. Do not eat and drink while you’re in front of your laptop. Spilled liquids and fallen
food crumbs and bits can easily damage the sensitive circuitry inside.
2. Do not touch the LCD screen. Close the lid gently by holding it with both hands when shutting it off. This is to avoid breaking it. It is also important to clean your monitor with approved cleaning materials only. Screen repairs don't come in real cheap so you may
want to make sure the monitor is taken cared of properly.

3. Keep its temperature cooler by installing a laptop cooler or chill mat to reduce its
operating temperature.

4. A laptop’s battery is like human muscles – if you don’t exercise it, it’d become useless. Use your laptop's battery until it tells you to recharge. At least once a week unplug it from the wall and let it run on battery power. This will make the battery life lasts much longer.

5. Do not let it run for straight two days, even on powerful laptops. Laptops can get very hot and leaving it on for a longer period of time may cause overheating. It is advisable to install software that automatically puts your laptop in a sleep or hibernate mode or even shut it down after a period of inactivity.

6. If you need to move and take your
laptop more than a few feet away, shut it
down or put it to sleep before moving on.
Do not walk with your laptop on because
you are risking the hard drive with every
stumble, stump, or jar you make.

7. Don't close anything inside your laptop.
There is a little clearance between the
screen and the keyboard and even a couple
sheets of paper can put stress onto the
screen. Also, avoid putting heavy objects
on top of your laptop. These careless
actions can damage and break the screen.

8. Get your laptop a carrying bag to reduce the risk of breaks because of laptop being
bumped to or dropped accidentally. Moreover, your laptop bag should be big enough to
avoid scratching and squeezing to contain the laptop inside the bag.

9. Guard its health by using antivirus software and firewall. Install antivirus and keep it
updated from time to time. Your internet-connected laptop is always at risk of being
infected with viruses, so you may want to take the necessary precautions. Data loss
because of viruses can give you headaches.

It really pays to take care of your laptop. It could save you a considerable amount of
money if you won’t have to bring it frequently to shops for repair. System crashes could
mean lost data so you may not want this to happen. Taking care of your laptop and
making sure that it is in its tip-top condition always is the only assurance your laptop
won’t play dead on you – unexpectedly.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Project Diva -Dreamy Theater-

As many people goes crazy with this 'Miku' thingy, (but not me... i hate Miku.. T_T*) i'm posting the news about 'Project Diva -Dreamy Theater-' That will be released in PS3 console.

With Sega announcing Project Diva -Dreamy Theater, this is actually a PSP-to-PS3 add-on for Project Diva that will transfer all saved data from the PSP and render your fave idol in Playstation 3. Of course, the graphics of the game will be “PS3″ quality. Need me to say more?

Ah yes, price is not confirmed yet and the release date is targeting for a summer release this year on Playstation Network.

(A comment from someone who likes miku, not me.. please, i will not write this thing)
Also, The PSP Go must be a sad piece of hardware. In concept, it's revolutionary. It's the first dedicated, all-digital game platform (phones notwithstanding), with full support for the PlayStation Network, several PS3-connectivity features and all the power of the PSP itself.

Unfortunately in practice it's kind of miserable. It costs too much, is saddled with some of the original PSP's flaws (where's my second analog nub?), and digital PSP games aren't cheaper or come out any faster, and in some cases don't come out at all.

Which makes the Dreamy Theater expansion pack to the mega-popular singing virtual idol game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA all the more of a painful blow, even indirectly. The pack essentially allows Vocaloid fans to play Project DIVA through the PS3 (using a DualShock 3), which in turn upscales and re-renders the graphics to display Miku in high-definition, high-polycount glory. Now you can see Miku prance and sing on the big screen and pretend that she didn't obtain her motion capture data from a 13-year-old.

Worse still, seeing these screenshots of Dreamy Theater just makes me all the more disappointed that there still isn't a full-scale Miku PS3 game. Come on, Crypton Future Media and Sega! DO IT. You'll make bucketloads selling costume and song DLC anyway! Oh, and bring it across the pond, too. Pretty please!

-Another News-
As reported early last month, Sega is planning to release a PSP-to-PS3 connectivity add-on for the handheld rhythm game, 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-」. This DLC — which has been given the name 「Dreamy Theater」 — will transfer all saved data from the PSP and allow for our very own virtual idol to be rendered in Playstation 3 level visuals on your TV screen. This will be compatible with all PSP models except for the PSPgo. Expect this unique and stylish app to go on sale later this Summer season. (Pricing has yet to be determined.)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Vocaloid! Code Name [Lily]

New!! Vocaloid named, Lily will be released! But 'Crypton' confirmed via twitter that there is no connection between the new Vocaloid Lily and their company. Lily was shetched by KEI, also known as the creator of 'Hatsune Mix!'. Just open this link, anyway.. Lily looks just like Rin Kagamine and Megurine Luka, what a nice combination... <3 xD

Lily - Long yellow hair, a combination between Megurine Luka [03] and Rin Kagamine [02]
Although her dress may look more crazier than both of the vocaloid chara, but many of them said lily is beautiful

鏡音リン - Kokoro

だけどまだ足りない 一つだけ出来ない
知リタイ アノ人ガ
命ノ 終リマデ
私ニ 作ッテタ
今 動き始めた 加速する奇跡
ナゼか ナミダが 止まらナい・・・
ナぜ 私 震える? 加速する鼓動
フシギ ココロ ココロ フシギ
私は知った 喜ぶ事を
フシギ ココロ ココロ フシギ
私は知った 悲しむ事を
フシギ ココロ ココロ ムゲン
今 気付き始めた 生まれた理由を
今 言える 本当の言葉
捧げる あなたに
アリガトウ・・・ この世に私を生んでくれて
アリガトウ・・・ 一緒に過ごせた日々を
アリガトウ・・・ あなたが私にくれた全て
アリガトウ・・・ 永遠に歌う
Read on for romaji/translation
Words/Lyrics: Toraboruta
Kodoku na kagakusha ni tsukurareta robotto
dekibae o iu nara “kiseki”
dakedo mada tarinai hitotsu dake dekinai
sore wa “kokoro” to iu puroguramu
ikuhyaku toshi ga sugi
hitori de nokosareta
kiseki no robotto wa negau
shiritai ano hito ga
inochi no owari made
watashi ni tsukutteta

ima ugoki hajimeta kasoku suru kiseki
nazeka namida ga tomaranai…
naze watashi furueru? kasoku suru kodou
kore ga watashi no nozonda “kokoro”?
fushigi kokoro kokoro fushigi
watashi wa shitta yorokobu koto o
fushigi kokoro kokoro fushigi
watashi wa shitta kanashii koto o
fushigi kokoro kokoro fushigi
nande fukaku setsunai…?
ima kidzuki hajimeta umareta riyuu o
kitto hitori wa sabishii
sou, ano hi, ano toki
subete no kioku ni yadoru “kokoro” ga afuredasu
ima ieru hontou no kotoba
sasageru anata ni
arigatou… kono yo ni watashi o unde kurete
arigatou… isshoni sugoseta hibi o
arigatou… anata ga watashi ni kureta subete
arigatou… eien ni utau
A robot was built by a lonely scientist,
When his work was done, it was known as a “miracle”
But something was missing, there was one thing he couldn’t do,
and that was the program called a “heart”
Many years passed,
and the miracle robot that had been left all alone,
made a single wish:
Give me the “heart”, that that person,
The person I’ve always wanted to know,
made for me, until the very end of his life.
Now that that miracle has started to occur,
Why, why won’t my tears stop flowing….?
Why am I shaking? What are these beats inside me?
Is this the “heart” that I wished for?
Mysterious heart, mysterious feelings,
All the joys I had come to know,
Mysterious heart, mysterious feelings,
All the depressing things I had come to know,
Mysterious heart, mysterious feelings,
They all seem so deeply painful…
Now I’m beginning to understand the reason I was born,
Being alone must truly be depressing,
Yes, on that day, at that time,
All the feelings that had dwelled in my memories flowed out of my heart.
But now, I can say these words for real,
to you, my creator, who dedicated his life to me,
Thank you… for bringing me into this world.
Thank you… for the days you spent with me.
Thank you… for everything you’ve given me
Thank you… I will sing for eternity.

Just Be Friends

i found soo many great JBF pics! >w< syalalala~~

The piano version.. and... oOo