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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Layout Updated - Durarara!!

Blog Layout and Background had been updated due to we all, the admins know that this blog won't get better and much viewer if we don't update it.

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Due to the TinierMe Collaboration with the famous anime and light novel series, Durarara!! We specially shared these links just for you to enjoy

Click above to download Full episodes of Durarara!! [1-24 End]

Click here to download the light novel series
Durarara!! Light Novels



These 2 Famous characters from Durarara!! are waiting for you
Orihara Izaya

Shizuo Heiwajima

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tsubasa Chronicle - Kaze no Machi he [Lyrics]

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toki no mukou kaze no machi e, nee, tsureteitte
shiroi hana no yume kanaete

amai yubi de kono te wo tori, nee, tooi michi wo
michibiite hoshii no anata no soba e

sono utagoe taenai hirusagari
mezamete futari wa hitotsu ni nari
shiawase no imi wo hajimete shiru no deshou

sono utagoe setsunaku takaraka ni
subete no kokoro ni hibiku no deshou
shiawase no imi wo shirazu ni nemuru yoru ni


mada shiranai yume no mukou, nee, tooi michi wo
futari de yukeru wa ... kaze no machi e

Take me away across time to the town of wind
Grant the dream of my white flower

Take me by the hand with your gentle fingers, I want you to guide me
To a far-off place, to be by your side.

On this afternoon, though their voices could not sing clearly
Two lovers awake to become one
For the first time, they'll learn the meaning of happiness.
Take me away...

With a painful, echoing voice,
They sing out with all of their hearts
Without knowing the meaning of happiness, sleeping in darkness


Take me to a dream I've never seen before, far away
We'll go together... to the town of wind.


時の向こう 風の街へ ねえ、連れて行って

甘い指でこの手をとり ねえ、遠い道を
導いて欲しいの 貴方の側へ




まだ知らない夢の向こう ねえ、遠い道を
二人で行けるわ… 風の街へ