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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sounds Of Losing

Sounds Of Losing

Poem By Rinny Kagamine / Faza

A hard day without you
A harsh day without your smile
A lonely day without your 'Sound'

As I Expected that you have go
As I Expected that you have lie
As I Expected that your words are fake

Standing in front of my windows
Watching and Listening to those Raindrops sound
Sound of Losing

Every time I lose something
Sound of Losing plays
Every time I lose someone
Sound of Losing plays

Sound of Losing gets bigger
Storm and Lighting mix into one
The heart that couldn't survive
From the Sound Of Losing

The Heart decided to 'Die'
The Heart decided to start a brand new day
The Heart that says 'Welcome, the new me'

the Heart that finally able to survive from the Sound Of Losing

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