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Thursday, September 2, 2010

TinierMe Tips!

Well, here some tips about online game called TinierMe
TinierMe is a popular online game, Since Hatsune Miku and Friends collaborated with TinierMe website!

Well.. Everyone always ask about 'PRICING'
When you trade animated items with other animated items
Because some of them might regret and ask for their items back
Some of them want G-coins Animated trade with G-coins animated
For newbie they will not understand about this, and they will easily fooled by someone, saying 'this item is a good animated!' Actually, it is a CC animated, not GC animated..

Also some of you know what 'BLUSHING MAIDEN' or 'BM' in short is one rare GC Animated. Thats Why if you have Blushing Maiden - multiples and if someone asked to trade, THINK FIRST, It cost more than 10-15 Good Animated items, or maybe more!

Also, DO NOT TRUST someone who say that she/he is a TinierMe Staff
Theres only 3 TinierMe Official Staff

-TinierMe Support

Thus, someone who say that She/he is one of TinierMe staff is a hacker, they will ask for your password and HACK your account. If you receive a mini mail from someone that is not a TinierMe Staff, please ignore it for the sake of your account

Hi Friends!

Below is a diary post from my good friend TinierMe Support! It's a little long, but really important! Everyone please read carefully, and feel free to copy this to your own diary! Also please add our ONLY two staff members, TinierMe Support and Piyokko, as friends if you haven't already!

From TinierMe Support!

Today I’d like to warn you about the lastest phishing scams! Phishing is any attempt to trick you into giving away your password. It often involves fake emails, fake Mini-Mails, fake offers, and/or fake websites or surveys.

This week, phishers have been creating fake staff accounts and using Mini-Mail to ask TinierMe users for their passwords and User IDs.

They often say the password was lost them in the system due to beta testing or for some other reason, but there are many different stories. These phishers usually, but not always, have user names such as TinierMe Data, TinierMe Records, TinierMe MOD, etc., and say they are a part of the TinierMe Staff, but they are NOT staff members.

Real TinierMe Staff will NEVER for any reason ask for your password.

All User IDs and passwords provided are simply collected by the phisher who sent the Mini-Mail. This person will then usually use your password to log in to your account and steal your items.

Below is a real example of a FAKE password phishing email.

Remember, DO NOT respond to Mini-Mails asking for your password, or send your password to any one for any reason by either Mini-Mail or email. Remember, if anyone asks for your password via Mini-Mail or anywhere else, report them to us at TinierMe Support with a screenshot by clicking Help & Support at the top right and submitting a ticket.

You can also follow the below directions to see a list of ALL real TinierMe Staff members!

How to get to the TinierMe Staff Page:

1. Log in.
2. Click Community near the center.
3. Click TinierMe Staff to the left.

And always remember that ONLY Real TinierMe Staff members have special two-colored gold and blue eyes. Anyone that doesn't have these eyes is NOT TineirMe Staff.

Finally, a question! What is your zodiac sign? Do you match your sign??

For more info, Please open this Link

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